William Bacon - Appointed Firefighter
Brad Beers - Firefighter/EMT
Ted Beers - Firefighter/EMT
Anthony Bivens - Firefighter/EMT
Evan Burdick - Probationary Firefighter
Dave Buske - Probationary Firefighter
Josue Canales - Firefighter
Kristen D'Angelo - Firefighter - Educational Leave
Sam Gilbert - Firefighter
Rick Glerum - Firefighter
Mike Hagenmayer - Firefighter

Jeffrey Hammond - Firefighter/EMT
Greg Herrmann - Firefighter
Rachel Herrmann - Firefighter
Mark Kapuscinski - Firefighter/EMT-CC
Brian Katzman - Firefighter
Eric Koproski - Firefighter
John Krocke - Firefighter
Matt Krocke - Firefighter

Bob Lighthall - Firefighter
Kevin Lim - Probationary Firefighter
Matt Magrisi - Firefighter
Bob McCaffrey - Firefighter/Paramedic
David Pippin - Probationary Firefighter
Ryan Pratt - EMT-CC/Firefighter
Barry Pritchard - Firefighter
Chris Pritchard - Firefighter
Dan Pritchard - Firefighter
Matt Pritchard - Firefighter
Tim Pritchard - Firefighter
Donna Roth - Firefighter
Dave Searor - Firefighter
Dan Shaver - Firefighter
Brady Slimmer - Probationary Firefighter
Bernardo Sobrino - Firefighter/EMT
Crystal Weigand - EMT
Jesse Weigand - Firefighter

Kathy Batchelor
Rick Batchelor
Margaret Beers
Tiffany Bivens
George Demass
Dave Dewey
Irene Dewey
Brian Dice
Kevin Dice
Mary Dice
Amber Dwyer
Stacey Kapuscinski
Sara Lighthall
Vicky Mullen
Jason Myhill

Norman Roth
Diane Rupert
Niki Samuels
Julie Shaver
Jack Slattery
Marguerite Slattery
Anthony Sterio
Joe Susino
Ted Todd

Alex Koproski
Noah Lyboult
Kelly Phillip
Lynnsey Slocum
Tyler Wallace
Chase Wegzyn
Ryan Whitmore

Firefighter with restrictions
Tyler Calverese
Breanna Konu
Dakota Sinclair


Coffee Squad
Kathy Batchelor
Margaret Beers
Tiffany Bivens
Brian Dice
Kevin Dice
Mary Dice
Donna Herrmann
Rochelle Kandt
Stacey Kapuscinski
Sara Lighthall
Diane Rupert - Chair
Jack Slattery
Marguerite Slattery
Anthony Sterio

John Damiano
Dennis and June Ouellette

Kathy Batchelor
Rick Batchelor
Brad Beers
Margaret Beers
Dave Costo

Dave Dewey
Rick Glerum
Greg Herrmann
Keith Mayotte
Norm Mills
Joe Morris
Barry Pritchard
Dan Pritchard
Diane Rupert
Scott Pritchard
Sharon Pritchard
Dan Rupert
Allen Ted Todd
Scott Thompson
Dave White




Oswego Town Volunteers - Neighbors helping Neighbors
Proudly serving the resident of the Town of Oswego and neighboring communities for over 25 years.